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OK Tire has a wide variety of heavy equipment tires, and the expertise to recommend the best tire for your application. Whether you are using forklifts, backhoes, zoom booms, self-propelled platforms or other vehicles OK Tire is the place to call. Don’t forget to ask about foam filling, tire maintenance or any other fuel efficiency questions you may have.

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Flat Protection- Foam Fill Service

No more flats! Puncture proof your equipment, maintain more consistent tire pressure, increase tread life and reduce overall repair costs with foam filling. Foam filling at OK Tire takes the guesswork out of the process, as we know when to make the tire firmer or when it can be mixed or injected to give it a similar feel to an air-filled tire. Ask us about foam foam filled tires and if it is the right choice for your equipment.

Helpful Resources

We have the knowledge and resources to handle any issues. We can answer these questions for you:

Tires or Tracks?

Can’t decide between tires or tracks, let us help! Our locations offer both and can help you choose which is right for your particular application.