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Tires are only one part of services we provide to keep your fleet rolling efficiently.

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Load and Inflation

Our expert technicians will recommend the proper tire inflation for your operating load.

Alignment information

The better the alignment, the better your tires work. Our trained technicians at OK Tire will adjust the angles of your wheels so they return to their proper orientation.

Tire Maintenance Advice

There are many factors that affect truck tires, like air pressure, alignment, and balance. We’ll make sure your tires are properly maintained for optimum performance and longevity.

Fuel efficiency information

Low rolling resistance tires can save fuel. OK Tire stores carry a wide range of fuel-efficient tires to improve your performance and reduce your emissions.

Smart Way information

OK Tire stores carry a wide range of Smartway-approved tires for Smartway compliancy.

Don’t forget to ask about foam filling, tire maintenance, or any other fuel efficiency questions you may have. OK Tire stores have service trucks that can come to you if you need any installs, flat repairs, and other pressing service.

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