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Farm Services

You know your farm. We know your vehicles. Our technicians have all the right training to give you the best on-site and in-field service possible.


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Tractor Setup

Installing a new set of tractor tires requires proper set up. We’ll take air pressure, vehicle weight recommendations, and tire component matching into account to help you get started.

In Field Service

We know that on your farm, time means money. Our technicians have in-the-field service when you’re down and in need of urgent tire services.

Rims and Hardware

OK Tire stores can supply rims and hardware for your equipment, including custom fit and dual or triple hardware.

Ride Issues Diagnosis

Having issues with tire-induced vibrations? Radial Hop issues? Lead or lag issues? OK Tire technicians have the training to solve your problems.


Need liquid or vehicle weight ballast service? Many OK Tire stores have portable weigh scales to assist with your ballasting requirements.

Helpful Resources

We have the knowledge and resources to handle any issues. We can answer these questions for you:

What’s IF or VF tires?

OK Tire has new tire manufacturing technology that allows agriculture tires to carry the same loads at reduced air pressure. This results in better traction and less soil compaction.

Road issues?

Does your tractor experience a rough ride at a higher speed? There are many factors that can cause this, from hub to rim and tire mounting issues. We can inspect your tractor and determine a course of action to lessen or eliminate the balance issue.

Tractor Hop / Power Hop?

At OK Tire, we understand that power hop is hard on your equipment, uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous to the operator. Don’t waste time troubleshooting. Call OK Tire and we’ll help get you back on the field.

Tires or Tracks?

Can’t decide between tires or tracks? Our stores offer both, and our technicians can help you choose what’s right for you.

Trust your OK Tire expert to get the job done

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